Feb 11, 2010

Public Relations 2.0

Ένα καταπληκτικό άρθρο από το Contagious Magazine για τον κλάδο του PR… αλλά και για όλους όσους ασχολούνται με την επικοινωνία.

Διαβάστε για τα “Do and Don’t” στα Social Media, για το PR της νέας εποχής, για την άποψη μερικών marketer που δουλεύουν για πολύ γνωστά global brands και agencies καθώς και για τα best practices στο Facebook και Twitter.

Αυτό πάντως που μας έμεινε περισσότερο είναι η τελευταία παράγραφος:

“For those employed in the delicate discipline of public relations, these platforms represent a means by which communication can be managed more individually than ever. Far from a threat, web 2.0 is an opportunity. As industry silos become increasingly meaningless, it stands to reason that those skilled in the transmission of messages are recognized as being among the most important stewards of that brand. However, marketers would do well not to forget that social media is one of the last great levelers of society. I have a Facebook page, as do you, as does Coke. I tweet, you tweet, Best Buy tweets. In the social media space, we are all ranked equally. The brands that will succeed are the brands that act accordingly, according to the rules that govern society as a whole. The brands that act like people.”

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